A downloadable experience, I guess?

Content warning: flashing lights.

He's trying to make a friend, but he's still quite unsure of how that works. 

Defeat the Great Jantor, before he defeats you. Dash your way  around the loop, evade the Great Jantor's strikes and try to untangle this fun, action packed mess!™ that you've gotten yourself into.

JANTOR is a pretty freaking weird bullet hell on rails with psychedelic visuals. Come on in, I hear JANTOR brought snacks.


  • Move in a loop, wow.
  • Dash through enemies and projectiles to break them
  • Survive
  • Get yummy points
  • Destroy JANTOR
  • Befriend JANTOR???
  • Unsee JANTOR

Music: Infinite Cheap Death Tricks by SKGB, which is available under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License.




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Phenomenal game. I enjoyed this way more than I tend to enjoy game jam games. Great job!